Cake Toppers x Enchanted Belles

The past several weddings that I have been to unfortunately did not have a cake topper perched on top of their cakes! Not sure why, but for some reason they are becoming more and more uncommon. Similar to how brides and grooms frown upon "The Chicken Dance" or the "Hokey Pokey" because they are too cool or something? Well, since when do weddings have to be stripped of all fun and playfulness?

Had I seen these precious cake toppers from "Enchanted Belles" 6 years ago for my wedding, I would have definitely ordered one!

The coolest thing is that you can custom order your cake topper exclusively for your wedding! Customize hair color, eye color, hair styles, gown types, suit colors and more!

Standard pricing starts at $125, which is a great deal for such a cute little keepsake for your wedding.

You can also order flower girls, Birthday cake toppers and more!

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