Pillow Design x Joom

WOW! These pillows by Joom will bring a "POP!" of color to any room! They're great! Joom offers these fashionable pillows in all the colors of the rainbow!
I love the bright, saturated colors. These pillows would make a bold fashion statement on that dull old couch or chair.
Joom is "an artist and designer who loves to decorate her home and do gardening work." Her nature inspired pillow designs are reflective of that. 
Her pillows feature silhouetted birds and flowers over powerful colors. "The prints are silkscreened on cotton at front, and complimented with darker tones in the back." Best of all, the pillows are removable and can be washed!
Bring a splash of color to your home with Pillow Design By Joom! Click here to enter her shop.

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