Cloth Baby Dolls x BeBe Babies & Friends

Tell me this isn't just the cutest little baby doll ever! BeBe Babies & Friends are irresistibly cute, each with unique little details.
All of my babies are hand made by me out of soft fabric. I have made babies ranging in size from 4" to 28". Each BeBe Baby is hand sculptured and painted. They have either hand applied mohair or a wig. My babies are weighted to feel very natural and their little heads need support when being held. BeBe Babies are all string jointed and very poseable. I take great pride in each BeBe and love to share them with you! - Casie
Who says dolls are just for kids? I think BeBe Babies would make adorable baby shower gifts or a great collectible for girls of any age! ;)

You can find BeBe Babies & Friends at:
On Etsy
& at Nico & Zoe

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