Prints, Trinkets & Tees x Boto Designs

The other day I was just flipping through some websites and stumbled across "Boto Designs" - what a delight! Boto Designs features the "world of Boto created by Chen Reichert! Boto is a robot in Japan. During his travels, Boto has met other robot travelers and a plant who is far away from home. Get to know Boto and his friends!" - Visit Boto Designs: Blog, Etsy Shop, or Paper n Stitch Shop!

The unique, colorful robot doodles are cute and quirky. I love the set of magnets, the designs look so cute grouped as a collection. Best of all, there is a whole "world" and story that goes with these little lovable characters. :)


Chen Reichert said...

Thanks for the lovely post about my work!

Wendy Sefcik said...

You are welcome!! When I get into a new studio I'll need to buy some prints for the walls :)

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