Stained Glass Jewelry x Sarahs Sky

"This Stained Glass Pendant features pink iridescent stained glass with tons of hanging beads below. The iridescent finish reflects different colors in the light like pink and green. Hanging below the stained glass is a beautiful variety of beads including two lucite flowers with clear crystals, a green glass triangle, a pink faceted droplet, a metal and square circle, seed beads with rose pink quartz, and a green fan shaped mother of pearl bead." - Sarah
Sarah's Sky is a great little shop to find beautiful pendants made of glass. Each piece is a little wearable work of art! They are sleek, feminine, very well designed and refreshingly different. I'm a big fan of letting accessories add that pop of style when I'm in a hurry or wearing a top I'm not so excited about. :) 

All of Sarah's jewels come in beautifully packaged homemade gift boxes - so that saves you a step for the Holidays! Visit Sarah's Sky.


Lisa @ Serah's said...

That's a beautiful piece! Sarah has great pieces in her shop! Thanks for sharing such a great find.

Wendy Sefcik said...

You are welcome - yes it is so pretty! I checked out your soaps... they are pretty cool too :)

SarahsSky said...

Thank you so much for the great feature! I am so excited!

Wendy Sefcik said...

You are welcome :)

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