Jewelry x Studio Rona

Aren't these just beautiful? They are creations of "Studio Rona". They are delicate little dreams of jewelry! I love the details and composition of each piece. They are handcrafted works of art! Shop Studio Rona for a unique piece to dress up that drab wardrobe! ;) I love that these necklaces could be tossed over a basic top, transforming an outfit into something distinctfully different! Rona finds herself...
"in the adventure of jewelry for nearly 15 years. Every year participate in designer's trade fairs and fashion shows. I prepare a new collection twice a year, always up-to-date. My training in pottery and painting merges into my designs and leads to the color pallete." - Rona

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uncorked said...

these pieces are just gorgeous- will have to check out Rona's site-thanks for sharing this!

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