Handcrafted Hares x Owl & Slipper

Today's artsy item features handcrafted hares from Owl & Slipper...
I had the pleasure of doing a little email-interview with Michelle Cresswell, owner of this cute shop!

Why the name "Owl & Slipper" (though we love it!)?
I started by making owl doorstops for friends and my 4 yr old would help me stuff them and always remind me that we are 'teamwork' ! One day after explaining why I was making them, he went to the cupboard and pulled out all the slippers , covered them in coloured string and said he would have a shop next door to mine and sell slippers ! We joked about being called, ' Owl and Slipper ' . When I felt ready to brave a label and take this seriously I couldn't find a name to stick so very happily went back to my original source of inspiration !

What inspires you for your creations?
The idea of cloth, texture, pattern and individual detail all designed together to create something that little people can cherish and grown ups can admire. I only need to catch a glimpse of something somehwere in the corner of my eye and I take it and let it buzz in my head day and night until I come up with a design ... many drawings yet to be made into something!

How long have you been making your handcrafted hares?
I have been making the hares since Easter this year. I just wanted to come up with an item to grab and carry without extra floppy bits , and an exaggerated head. I mostly make them in denim now and they have become a favourite!

Where do you find your materials?
I have stores , special stores... mostly donated by friends who use lovely materials in their trade, and they generously supply me with their remnants. I am loving my button collection and have made button brooches for a local fair - a little sad to see them go- pure vintage!

How long does it take you to create an average hare?
Hares take 3 hours to put together, but I tell my husband my price is 'heart and soul' at this stage!

What are your future plans for "Owl & Slipper?"
My future plans are to develop my woodland animals into a collection. I am enjoying developing my crochet skills and am making stripey drawstring bags of all sizes and garlands of doily like flowers. My dream is to print my own fabric and use that in the decorative items I have on my list to make. I believe in 'handmade' so I would like to provide items that have been designed right down to the pattern on the fabric and printed by hand. I am enjoying playing with the lino blocks at the moment cutting out my woodland animals... I would like them to go on lampshades, bags, cards ... I dream of having a recognized and somewhat streamlined look, even though the range may be vast because you can't contain a crafster can you?!?

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