Stuffies x Skunkboy Creatures

Monkey is a sweet chap who loves peanut brittle and his best friend Nels. He's up for stargazing and monster cookies any night. Monkey is about 2 apples tall. He is made from stripey fabric, recycled felt, wire, buttons, and stuffing. - Owner, Katie

This is the funkiest monkey I've ever seen! Its by Skunkboy Creatures and it is so cute! It has a sort of rag-doll style, with a variety of details like big buttons and a brilliant mixtures of stitches and patterned fabrics.

All the details on Skunkboy Creatures are arranged just so... to create unique and imaginative representations of fun little creatures. From their creative construction to the little descriptions Katie writes, these creatures are definitely artsy!

I know the monkey is just begging me to buy it so that it can accompany my other funky little plush friends that I display in my studio :) Visit Skunkboy Creatures to shop and Skunkboy Creatures Blog to read and see more from Katie!


Alyssa Thomas said...

I LOVE skunkboycreatures. Great post!

magpie said...

yay for skunkboy!!!

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