Bird Collages x Michelle Brunner

I absolutely LOVE these Bird Collages by Michelle Brunner. She has created an entire series of them! They are energetic, colorful, cheery, vibrant, expressive and oh so "artsy!" Even on screen, they look 3d... you can see the cut papers, paint daubs and variety of materials used in her collages.
My artwork reflects my admiration and love for color and my natural surroundings. I am inspired by fabrics, patterns, and anything organic. I love every color and often have to stop myself from going over the top in my paintings and collages. My past artworks have mainly been landscapes from my travels and from observation. My bird series collage/ paintings are inspired from my love for the artist Eric Carle and my garden. In the summer my art studio overlooks my garden. A finch, blue jay and cardinal family frequent my garden’s birdbath and fountain. Watching these innocent, beautiful creature inspired my series immensely. - Michelle Brunner
I think her collages would look amazing in any room! Check out her sites below:
Shop, The Canvas Door, Michelle's Blog :)

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