Wooden Cards x Night Owl Paper Goods

I'm a greeting card girl. I love giving them, getting them, even shopping for them! However, I always have the dilemma of where to save them. With Night Owl Paper Goods' wooden greeting cards, you won't want to file them away! Instead, set them on a little nicknack shelf to display!

Their wooden cards have adorable graphics in a modern style with simplified color. The cards feature friendly little woodsy characters and illustration on a background of REAL birch tree wood. The style is "modern yet folksy." They are "eco friendly" and definitely a new "green" product you must checkout!

Night Owl Paper Goods sells a wide variety of eco-friendly greeting cards, stationery and notecards... as well as: "wooden button cards", "journals & jotters" and more. Visit Night Owl Paper Goods today, for an eco-friendly, artsy way to send greetings :)

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