Kitty Plushies x Dancing In the Rains

Since I am a cat-lover I'm always drawn to cute kitty stuffies. These little plushies from "Dancing in the Rains" jumped out at me because they have the most precious faces and delicate little details making each one unique.
All of the plushies found in "Dancing in the Rains" shop are handmade originals. They have cute little accents and embellishments like necklaces, spots, embroidered flowers, etc.
Truly a "great companion and decoration piece in your home, on your desk, near the window" or in some little nook in your house that could use a little cheer.
Dancing in the Rains also features: cell phone cases and bags, charms, coasters, pin cushions, pouches, wristlets and more. ;)


Dancingintherains said...

Oh!! This is a nice surprise!! I am very happy to see my kitties here :) Thank you very much for the feature Wendy.

dining tables said...

Super cute. I love cats. Those stuffed toys are so cute. It is so amazing that it turn out that cute. I wish I can have all those cats.

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